Monthly Archives: February 2013


We are getting closer and closer to being ‘on the road’ and here at Rocky Outcrop Central we are very excited. From about 5.30pm on Tuesday March 14  we’ll be at Beattie and Forbes Booksellers in Napier. The wonderful Lizzie Russell, who works locally in the arts and as a freelance writer, and is involved […]

A few more distractions

by Ashleigh On Tuesday March 12, we’ll be rolling into Masterton. It’s our first stop on this tour, so if there’s any night on which we’re most likely to fall over, drop things, and make your heads explode into flames with embarrassment it will be this one. But this could be entertaining for all, so come […]

A Small and Well-formed Scene

On March 13, we are going to Palmerston North. We’ll be reading in the New Zealand section of the mighty Palmerston North City Library, from 6.00pm but you can come along for refreshments from 5.30pm. We feel really excited that local writers Tim Upperton and Helen Lehndorf will also be there. Tim will be reading […]